Discovering the Perspectives of College & Young Adults on Science and Faith: SEYA is engaging the dialogue of theology and science focused on 18-30 year olds for a year, learning perspectives and how attitudes are formed or change. Through conversations, surveys or trial programs with ministry leaders of college and young adult ministries across the nation, deeper progress is at play in a healthy conversation.

Scientists in Congregations is a $2 million grant program, funded by the John Templeton Foundation, created to catalyze the dialogue of theology and science in local congregations. In 2011, grants were awarded to thirty-five congregations in the United States (representing twenty-five states), as well as one in Canada and one in France. The site contains a collection of Science & Faith resources cultivated from our grant recipients. Our hope is that you will use these resources as guides for leading your own discussions and classes, or as inspiration to craft new material specifically tailored to your congregation.